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Guest Trainer with United States Department, UpGrad and leading B-Schools

Co-founder OneDigiStore 

Inspired over 1000 people at events and workshops

Ammar Kanchwala

About Me

Ammar Kanchwala is a globally-recognized growth marketing and digital transformation expert who has managed digital initiatives for Google and Accenture and is also a co-founder of boutique digital marketing agency OneDigiStore. He has facilitated online community building for global properties like TEDxHyderabad and Social Media Week through successful brand activation and social media campaigns. Ammar has trained social media experts, journalists, youth leaders, civil society activists, religious leaders from across the world on the use of technology & social media at the U.S. State Department TechCamp in Hyderabad and Mumbai and currently associated with U.S. State Department as Digital Marketing Trainer.

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Shaping Tailored Growth Programs for Businesses

Growth is a process. Set up strong foundations, kick-start the growth process in your organization and implement high-velocity testing to achieve your objectives.

Growth Foundations

  • Analytics audits and setups
  • Customer discovery and research
  • Marketing channels audits

Growth Strategy

  • In-house workshop
  • Experiment backlog creation
  • Experiment prioritization
  • Build a growth team 

Growth Execution

  • Launch first experiments
  • Make sense of them
  • Introduce and lead growth sprints
  • Adopt NorthStar to track your experiments

Growth Leadership

  • Train your team to do their job better
  • Collaborate with other departments
  • Become an established growth leader
  • Attract growth talent

Promoting growth as an evolution of marketing

As an experienced practitioner, it is my honor to share my knowledge and promote the development and adoption of growth discipline. I am eager to discuss opportunities for:

  • Public speaking
  • Workshops
  • Media commentary
  • International communities

Supporting your career in
growth ambition

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Trained over 1000+ professionals  

  • 8h of applied content
  • Web views over 10,000+
  • Affordable pricing 

Start doing

Hire me to run a growth marketing + design thinking workshop

  • Build from strengths
  • Change growth setbacks to opportunities
  • Define a company map (user journey)
  • Develop actionable experiments to run in next 4-6 weeks

Start learning

I am always on a lookout for great professionals who would like to

  • Work with me on projects
  • Speak at events
  • Run workshops with me
  • Are simply interested in developing their careers in growth

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